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Detoxification & Stored Toxins

Are you considering a detoxification or cleansing?

The body is a marvelous, self-healing, self-cleaning machine. At Whether you are considering a detoxification, reading and studying about cleansing or simply just interested in doing a cleanse, realize that you are preparing "gifts" for your body so it can achieve it's purpose - the ulitmate healing functions. The body loves to give back to us...and it will return to you the ultimate gift of health and happiness. During and after a cleanse, be prepared to see wonderful changes.

Weight gain is probably the number one reason why people want to detox. There are several possible reasons for extra weight, but, first and foremost, I beleive toxins put an awful strain on many vital organs causing a sticky internal mess. This is our first consideration to help our bodies achieve optimal weight.

Let me explain: every time we eat non-organic, processed food full of chemicals and artificial preservatives we're ingesting toxins. In fact, the Standard American Diet (SAD) is full of toxins. Over your lifetime, they have accumulated. In fact, over the past couple of generations, they have accumulated and created tendencies and weakness that effect your current health. Our society is toxic-ridden and each person is experiencing what Mother Earth is experiencing. We are all connected and experiencing the damaging effects.

When toxins enter our body, it literally goes to work processing and expelling them. In the middle of this bodily, life-saving chore we injest more processed foods and toxins. Now the body is to a point of overloaded. It can't process the toxins out as fast as we're putting them in. So, the body, in it's marvelous wisdom, looks for alternative ways to keep things running smoothly. It will literally wrap fat molecules around the molecules of toxin and parks it somewhere (deep tissue) for temporary safekeeping. This is a protective measure to keep us safe but it sets off all kinds of alarm bells stressing many of our organs and body systems. Over time these fat molecules continue to accumulate until we find ourselves overweight, even obese, heavily toxic and trying desparately to loose the added fat and gain back much needed energy.
During this detoxification program we are giving your body a chance to do some internal cleaning. We are using a variety of methods all aimed at giving the body a chance to acknowledge those fat-stored toxins (ripped off fat molecules) process and discharge them. Literally clean house!

Our bodies never rest, never take a day off, never decide to be lazy for a day. During the cleanse, your body will be give to opportunity to go looking for the toxins it had been storing- safely - in your body fat and clean them out. It will come to a point where you will experience relief from the stored toxins and the body will continue a healing procress with the reciprical gift of healthy weight loss and rejuvenation.

It is important that after the program you continue on a regime of raw, organic, living foods with increased enzymes.
Nature's Elements offers long distance on in-house detoxification programs personally and individually designed. In this program, we share additional education bulletins to help you understand the process. We do not want to go back to the same experience. It is important to be aware and greatly reduced the toxins we are putting into our bodies. Sure, we still ingesting some toxins - even the air we breathe, anywhere on the planet, has a certain amount of toxins. But the quantity of toxins we are ingesting can be so much lower. This is why live, whole, organic foods are so, so, so important today.

In upcoming blogs, I'll talk about digestive enzymes and stress, how and why they're important to our health, and how the detoxification program intergrates them.
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  1. I want to recommend a great book on the raw food diet, The Live Food Factor by Susan Schenck. She is really objective -- and is open to all the different versions of the raw diet. Most are vegan, but she warns that this might not be for everyone. She goes into great depth about some of the potential pitfalls on the raw diet, and even covers the "radical branches" of the diet, such as the nonvegan raw fooders.


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