Sunday, March 1

Do we realy understand the obstacles to cure?

True healing will occur when the "obstacle to cures" are removed. All healers and health care professionals will agree if a splinter is causing pain and inflammation, the first thing to do is remove the splinter; if the office chair is causing back pain, change or adjust the chair; if the loud music is causing headaches, turn it down!

These are obvious illustrations, yet the obvious is sometimes over - looked. Generally most people agree that diet and "food" is the root cause of their ailments. Most people will admit that making changes and improving their eating habits is the most important factor for their optimal health. Yet, for many, there is a barrier, a resistence or perhaps a lethargy to making this change. In North America we have an absolute obesity crisis and the craziness of this situation is getting worse. We spend billions on processed foods and billions on fad fitness and diet programs. We have millions of people feeling down, fatigued, lethargic. What is the problem and is there is simple solution?

I am always trying to understand this "barrier". What stops a person in the throws of obesity caused diseases or dysfunctions, depression, stress, diabetes or heart disease, etc., from making changes that could eradicate and eliminate their dis-ease? Is there a "common obstacle to cure" that, if removed, will help everyone?

I suppose the answer to all these questions is the "golden key" to health. Each person is so incredibly unique and individual that there are perhaps as many answers as there are questions.

However, I do firmly believe there is a common golden thread that sparkles an answer for everyone who is "living". This thread is teaching some one about the sacred science of nutrition at a fundamental level. Although the topic "science of nutrition" may sound technical, it is actually very simple. At a fundamental level, "food" is physical fuel and each person requires their own unique blend of sustanence. Food is simply required energy for living As already stated, most people agree that their diet is the cause of their ailments. So, if we get this, then what is wrong, why aren't improving and changing? I think we are missing an understanding that FOOD is ENERGY and energy is the basis of ALL life.

So, let's look at this "energy" concept! Life is energy whether you talk in terms of growing a garden, having a tought, whispering a prayer, developing a personality, chaning our mind, witnessing nature, or going through the business of daily living. All things, physical, emotional and spiritual are cellular oscilllations and vibrations. All things that we perceive and experience are a form of energy. Energy is the basis of all life.

When it comes to food, though, I think we often forget that food is energy. Each food source is a oscillation of energy in the form a enzymes and nutrition prepared, willing and charged to offer our beings energy. The primary purpose of our "food" is to offer "life". Food is the transformation or a mutation of the energy of the five great elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth) combining to offer us living sustenance. We need a balance of the elements for perfect energy transmuted into perfect living.

An imbalance of any of the elements will elminate or obstruct energetic growth. If you give a plant too much or little water, it will drown and stuggle for its life. Fire will literally burn up energy and destroy life. If one truly understands this simple concept, then the transition to understanding how food becomes an obstacle to cure or why most "fad" diets fail is actually quite simple. The simple fact is that cooking (fire) kills. It wipes out the "energy" of the food. Cooking kills, period!

If the secret to health all starts with this one concept, then why on earth do we continue to "cook" our food? If food is energy and if "cooking" destroy the energy, then "cooking" becomes the number one "obstacle" to cure for most people. Although we need our own unique and individual balance of food energy, understanding and removing this one "obstacle" can make such a huge difference for people.

I am not suggesting the one should go 100% raw overnight. I suggesting you experiment by "adding" or "increasing" living, whole foods in higher and greater amounts. This "adding" factor makes a huge difference in people's lives. I see it over and over again. The more living energy you offer your body, there is a cooresponding emotional and spiritual awakening too. We simply become more alive in energy. We see things with greater clarity. We become far more intuitive therefore, we make greater changes for our healthy benefit that creates a further awakening that causes more live and energy. We start to crave what we need. And, we add more living foods. It is cyclical and it is quite an amazing experience. So, don't start by being 100% raw, but if you do start to add more raw, you will end up close to or at 100% because it is the law of energy. It is a beautiful transition of incredible cyclical transformations.

So, in my opinion, the greatest obstacle to cure in our times is "cooking" our foods. If I can convince one person to increase their living foods by 10-20-30 percent, I know it will cause a chain reaction of energetic radiance. This is the most important realization any HEALER can make.

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