Tuesday, March 3

Why We Disguise the Disgusting Reality of Meat

Give a young child a choice between a steak and a banana or a hamburger and an apple and he/she will always choose the fruit. Let's learn from this! Our anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and psychology all indicates humans are not carnivores.

In nature, all natural carnivores eat (devour) RAW flesh and the slaughter house smell is disgusting to humans. It is funny how we have to change the "name" of meat to make them more appealing to humans. We call cow beef, steak or veal: a pig, ham or bacon. A juicy ozzing steak is actually a cow's blood and lymph. This is the truth.

And, then we distort things further by naming natural foods with animal qualities: "skin" and "flesh" of fruit; "meat" of nuts, etc.. What strange beings we are!

There are many, many reasons why humans should not eat meat (our teeth, lack of claws, microbal tolerance, intestinal flora, liver size, injected hormones and drugs, violent killings, etc.), but the most compelling, for me, is the length and PH condition of our intestinal tract. A carnivore's digestive tract is on average 3 times the length of the torso. The carnivore requires extremely acid secretions for rapid digestion to prevent the putrefection of protiens and fats. Humans tract is on average 12 times the length of our torso (approx. 30 feet). This allows for slow absorption of sugars and water-borne nutrients. This means that meat literally rots, decomposes and putrefies in the human digestive tract and the acid bi-product is deadly. We do not have the capability (the enzyme uricase) to metabolize and neutralize this strong acid. Therefore, the human body will use calcium (the alkaline mineral) depleting our natural and needed reserves. The resulting urate crystals contribute to disease of gout, arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis and perhaps the decision to supplement with calcium (see above).

Now, this is just one reason....I used to eat meat...but not now!

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